Hamilton Motorsport finish 3rd fastest at Rushmoor Sprint – but not without incident!

The Dimanche or Rushmoor Sprint as its otherwise known is run by Farnborough District Motor Club and is held at the Rushmoor Arena near Aldershot in Hampshire. The course is particularly challenging due to its narrow service roads, tight hairpins but very high speeds.

The event forms part of a number of series and championships including the MG Car Club speed championship and ASEMC Speed Championship.


This years event was held  on the 24th April 2016 and was a good outing for Alastair Flack in the Hamilton Motorsport Triumph TR7V8 rally car. Hot on the heels of his 3rd in class in the Southdowns Stages at Goodwood back in February it was another 3rd in class for Alastair as he grappled with the power and grip of the Triumph TR7V8 around the tight and twisty run.

The success was not without incident however as the in-car video below shows. Join Alastair as he narrates you through a couple of rather hairy moments as he tried firstly to take the first corner flat and then struggles with the subsequent mud and slime coating the tyres as a result.

After the drama of run 2 Alastair had a much better timed run and was able to apply some very late braking, join him again in-car as he muscles the powerful V8 Triumph around this tight and slippy sprint course.



Damage sustained to the rear wheel arch. The TR’s bodywork survived the first spin but not going through finish backwards, wooden course markers are stronger than fibreglass!



Alastair went on the finish third fastest behind only a a 700bhp skyline and 600bhp EVO. Not bad going for a 40 year old Triumph.


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