3m x 3m Compact Semi-Pro

3m x 3m Compact Semi-Pro

Ref: 3x3comp

* Our marquees are excellent quality at unbeatable prices and are fully guaranteed with service back up.
* Made from high quality 40mm Ribbed Alloy frames.
* 380g waterproof polyester roof canopies with rubber lining.
* Available in many colours.
* Many sizes all with optional bags of zip sides.
* All Nut & Bolt design, no rivets anywhere.
* Tough Nylon Joints not plastic.
Closed Dimensions LxDxH 30x30x100cm
These instant marquee’s which can be set up in less than 5 minutes are made from high quality 2mm ribbed aluminium frames with 380g waterproof polyester roof canopies. A new feature for the swift shade is the rubber coating inside the canopy for better waterproofing. The unique frame design with ribbed struts for increased strength in all conditions, a unique feature to swift shade, combine strength with simplicity and excellent value for money. A must for all motor sport enthusiasts as well as for use in gardens, caravans, or any other outdoor function. Available in eight colours and with optional bags of zip sides.

The Clubman marquee sides can be used on the Semi-Pro marquees as in our opinion the sides do not need to be the same specification as the canopy.

It is important to be cautious of inferior copies of our marquees. We have seen many come on to the market that are priced very competitively. Corners can be cut to save on manufacturing costs which in the long run will cost you extra money as the marquee will not last as long or be as waterproof as well as not being able to provide a parts service in years to come. If it sounds cheap it probably is!!

We are motorsport competitors so we are well aware of the conditions our marquees will be used, and they have been designed with our many years of experience in mind.

Many colours are available, please select when ordering.