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Welcome to Hamilton Classic your one-stop shop for quality car products and vehicle care. Our car maintenance superstore is dedicated to offering innovative but cost-effective solutions to your car care needs. Our team at Hamilton Classic, is made up of individuals who endeavour to provide you with not just the highest levels of customer service but those who actively work to improve your overall customer experience. So if you require any advice on car care, valeting products or car covers, simply give us a call and our team will be happy to find the solution to your individual requirements.
Competitive pricing is at the forefront of our ethos here at Hamilton Classic, this means that we regularly assess the market to ensure that we are able to offer you top of the range products at a very competitive price.

Car Covers

Protect your Car come Rain or Shine

Being passionate about cars can be tough in the harsh northern climate of the UK. With unpredictable weather that all too often makes a turn for the worst, protecting our cars from the inevitable is an integral part of car maintenance. In light of this, experts in car accessories, Hamilton Classics have launched their new range of car covers.

For those of us not fortunate enough to own a home with the helpful attachment of a garage, seeking an alternative way to protect our beloved automobile from all that nature may throw at us can often prove costly and time consuming.

Therefore online car accessories store Hamilton Classic, believes it is an utmost necessity to stock among their extensive shelves of car accessories the all-important car cover.

Director at Hamilton Classic, Alastair Flack said, "I myself am incredibly passionate about cars, hence my choice of car accessories as the field for my first business venture.

Mr. Flack continued, "I have unfortunately had many an experience where nature has done its worst on my favourite car of the time. As such, I have never looked back since the day I purchased my first car cover and now own one to don each of my three most precious cars for the times when I am to consent them to the great outdoors."

Many car lovers are unaware of the potential havoc nature can play upon the exterior of your vehicle; should it sport even the most miniscule scratch, rain will be quick to make a jumpstart on the rusting process.

And even the welcome appearance of the sun poses a potential danger, as it slowly fades the colour of your vehicle.

Among the selection of car covers available at Hamilton Classic is an array of varieties available to cover all or part of your vehicle:

The Car Convertible Top Cover is designed to protect vulnerable soft tops from damage by the uncontrollable forces of God.

To protect the entirety of your cars exterior Hamilton Classic stock their most popular car cover, the Car Outdoor All Weather car cover. Upon visiting their extensive car accessories website, you will be asked to enter the year and model of your vehicle, this will ensure the educated team at Hamilton Classic provide you with a cover that will snugly surround the entire body of your car.

However, keeping cars in tip-top condition is not only about protecting exteriors; messy children and restless bums can do their fair share of damage on the inside of your vehicle too, and nobody wants those luscious leather seats to look older than you do. Therefore the Car Seat Cover is the perfect solution to spilled drinks or accidental tears and at only £15.95 will hardly make a dent in even a credit-crunch budget.

Minilite Wheels

The Winning Wheel

Achieving that winning start is the aim of rally enthusiasts and racers everywhere, and getting the basics right is the first step to ultimate racing success. A winning wheel is what carries your team's car over the finish line so it's important to know that your using the best. Motorsport and car modification specialists Hamilton Motorsport pride themselves of providing just this - the best.
With years of experience in supplying car modification and motorsport solutions, Hamilton Motorsport is an essential resource for amateur racers across the UK. As an official distributor of Minilite Wheels, Hamilton Motorsport can provide you that extra edge on the circuit.
The original Minilite was made from magnesium and was the most successful competition wheel of the 60's, 70's and 80's. It was the choice of most works teams due to its strength and light weight. Offering optimum strength in a low pressure die cast aluminum alloy Hamilton Motorsport's range of Minilite Wheels presents an affordable solution with all the original benefits. As one of the leading suppliers of car accessories, vehicle care and car modifications, for both road and motorsport machines, Hamilton Motorsport stock only the best quality products so you know your teams car will get off to a winning start.
Each wheel is machined to order, x-rayed and pressure tested to guarantee strength and durability. Available in many sizes, offsets and colours the Hamilton Motorsport range of Minilite Wheels can fit any car, whether its for rally or any kind of circuit racing.
Along with their sister company, Hamilton Classic, which specialises in car accessories and vehicle care for road and classic car types, Hamilton Motorsport offer a wide range products. From motorbike and car covers through to car accessories, oils and ignition products, as well as a varied choice of car storage options, Hamilton is the first word in car care.

Cover Hugger

Hamilton Classic Revolutionise Car Towing with Innovative New Product

Hamilton Classic, the experts in vehicle care and car accessories are excited to announce the launch of their very own, original car cover, 'The Cover Hugger'

Designed in-house the revolutionary new car cover started life on the drawing board, after it was discovered that a gap in the market had appeared for a cover that protected vehicles whilst they were in transit.

The brainchild of Alastair Flack, Managing Director at Hamilton Classic, 'The Cover Hugger' is manufactured from tough nylon mesh which straps over the top of your vehicle while a highly durable set of straps and hooks ensure that it remains in place at all times, even when travelling at high speeds

Alastair Flack whose firm offer everything from valeting products to car accessories said, "When you're towing a car to a show, dirt and grime from the road will always be an issue especially if it is being transported on a trailer. If a traditional car cover is used to protect the vehicle, the cover will often flap in the wind and balloon up in a similar style to a parachute. Eventually the cover is likely to rip rendering it useless.

"We had many customers contacting us, sick of having to clean their car when they arrived at an exhibition or industry show, they would rather spend that extra time liaising with others and having a good time. Likewise, those selling a car, need it to turn up in pristine condition to create the right impression, making the target market for this product immense.

To ensure that you get the optimum performance out of your Cover Hugger Hamilton Classic are recommending that it should be used with their Moltex 5 cover.

Mr. Flack added, "The Moltex 5 comes complete with a fleece lining to ensure that any movement will not interfere with a vehicles paint job - it is also supplied with straps, hooks and additional eyelets to ensure the cover is always firmly attached."

The Cover Hugger is available from Hamilton Classic now in three different sizes. A small is £64.95, a medium is £69.95 and a large will set you back only five pounds more at £74.95.

Absorber Chamois

A Classic Car Deserves Quality Care

With a tradition in the manufacture and racing of leading motor vehicles Britain is a car loving nation, and car enthusiasts across the country adore their classic cars, spending weekends on the drive tweaking and tuning, cleaning and polishing.
The Chamois leather, or 'shammy', is the staple tool of anyone interested in vehicle care and has evolved as a household name. The modern process for producing these items has changed dramatically over the centuries to produce what is today an essential valeting product.
The historically the word Chamois refers to the European Antelope, whose skin was used by eighteenth century glove makers in the South of France. By tanning the skin in cod oil they produced the quality of water absorption, which offered practical advantages for carriage footmen responsible for cleaning and polishing carriages. The footmen would use these soft white gloves as an innovative method of vehicle care. The arrival of mass produced glass later produced a huge demand for domestic 'chamois leather'.
Today the Absorber Miracle Chamois is the number one chamois in the USA, and car care specialists Hamilton Classic are pleased to be able to supply it throughout the UK. The Absorber Miracle Chamois, available at www.hamiltonclassic.co.uk, is capable of holding half a pint of water, representing a revolutionary new drying skin, not to mention an essential valeting product.
The Micro fibre material is ultra soft and absorbent for use on any vehicles or in the home making it a number one car care product. Hamilton Classic's Absorber Miracle Chamois is capable of amazing water absorption and offers a smear free drying finish for surfaces. With super soft fibers this is one chamois that is guaranteed not to scratch. It is available in six colours and is also machine washable, it is designed to be stored damp in its tube so it is ready for use at all times at home or away.
Developed for the marine industry the Absorber Miracle Chamois can be used on bikes and in the house, as well as being the perfect car care product for a treasured classic.

Moto-Lita Steering Wheels & ETB Guages


Two top UK car accessory manufacturers have appointed Hamilton Classic a distributor. They are Moto-Lita and ETB, whose products have a considerable following among classic and sports car owners.

Moto-Lita produces quality steering wheels which are available with classic wood, mahogany, walnut or leather rims, and with three styles of spokes - holes, or narrow or wide slots. There are four diameters, from 13in to 16in, and each hand-crafted wheel is machined from a solid billet, thus giving extra strength due to the absence of rivets.

They fit virtually every make and model of pre-airbag classic and sports car, and cost from £110, with adaptor bosses priced from £39.

Instrument manufacturer ETB has a choice which is equally as comprehensive. The range includes standard 52mm diameter voltmeter, oil pressure, oil temperature, fuel and water temperature gauges and clock, all with black, white, yellow or magnolia faces and brass, chrome or black bezels. Needle colours are black, white or red.

The speedometers are either mechanical or electronic, with the former being individually calibrated for each customer's engine and gearbox requirements. Diameter sizes are either 80mm or 100mm, whilst electronic rev counters are also available in the same sizes. Speedo and rev counter bezels and face and needle colours are similar to those for the smaller instruments. Prices are from £27 for the 52mm gauges and from £75 for the speedos and rev counters.

Alastair Flack, Managing Director of Hamilton Classic, said: "Both Moto-Lita and ETB have such a range of options that the steering wheels or instruments can be virtually tailor-made for each customer's individual requirements, a factor which can be important to owners of classic or sports cars."

Instant Marquees

Portable Partying with Instant Marquees

The instant marquee is a multi-purpose, unlimitedly useful outdoor accessory.
Designed with motor sporting enthusiasts in mind, instant marquees are a near necessity if you are planning on showing off your vehicle at a nearby show.
However, the possibilities for functions of your instant marquee end far from the realms of a classic car or bike show. Even the wife or kids might not sniff at your supposed extravagance, when they realise what a fantastic addition to a garden party or summer barbecue their own marquee can be. Fear not the freak showers of summer when a marquee is in place for your party.
Fantastic at festivals, the inevitable downpour will not halt your fun as you continue to drink round the campfire shielded from the open heavens above.
A favourite of builders, gardeners and all other outdoor labourers forced to brave the English weather every month of the year. Portable, affordable and easy to erect, instant marquees are the perfect companion to all weather working; come rain, wind or snow.
Vehicle care enthusiasts, Hamilton Classic, have a terrific selection of instant marquees available at their website, www.hamiltonclassic.co.uk. Picking only the most well made products, there's no need to fear a tear in the material or a collapse in the wind. Passionate about transport, Hamilton Classic know that a marquee which could come crashing down upon your beloved vehicle does not even make the description 'useless'.
With an instant marquee for every budget, Hamilton Classic's selection begins at a very reasonable £175.00.
With a set up time of a mere five minutes - presuming both arms are intact, the Clubman instant marquee is available in a rainbow of colours and is an excellent value general use marquee. Chief Executive of Hamilton Classic, Alastair said, "The Clubman instant marquee has a unique frame design with triangulated corner struts to give increased strength in windy conditions. I take care to pick marquees that are of nut and bolt design, and we offer a full spares back up to ensure your marquee will give many years of service. This combination of strength and simplicity makes me very confident that I am providing all my customers with excellent value for money."
At the far end of the spectrum, Hamilton Classic presents its customers with the option to splash the cash on the 'Professional Instant Marquee'. At £495.00 this probably isn't one for the casual car enthusiast, but as one of the best marquees on the market, it's worth every extra penny.

Hatchback Covers


Classic cars come in all shapes and sizes - and ages. Whilst the marques which are mainly accepted within the category range from Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin to Triumph and TVR, the early high-performance hatchbacks are now classics in their own right.

They are models, however, which are poorly served by car-cover manufacturers.

For owners of such favourites as the early Peugeot 205 GTi and VW Golf GTI, it is very much a case of buying a saloon-style cover and accepting its shortcomings.

Accessory specialist Hamilton Classic has now remedied that failing with the introduction of a semi-tailored outdoor cover specifically for such hatchback models.

Made of Hamilton Classic's exclusive Moltex material which is waterproof, breathable, and uniquely has a soft fleece lining, it differs from the conventional saloon cover in that it incorporates a curved back, thus ensuring a snug fit which both looks pleasing and offers better protection.

It is available in small, medium and large, at prices from £97. Information and delivery details are available from Hamilton Classic