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The Hamilton Team

The Hamilton Team

Hamilton Classic was founded by Alastair Flack in late 2001 with the sole purpose of being able to offer motoring enthusiasts quality products at affordable prices.

"Having been in various forms of employment related to the motorcar, from race and rally fabricator/engineer to sales and marketing manager in the classic car market, we combine this experience spanning over 30 years to provide you with among the best products of their type with helpful and friendly advice.

My team and I have spent a great deal of effort researching all the products we supply to ensure that not only do we offer you the best possible products for the money, but also that we give you the best advice in relation to their use. We would rather not sell you a product that is going to be unsuitable. It is no good to you and certainly no good to us either!

Not only am I an enthusiast, but also a participating competitor and in recent years this has lead us to expanding our range of Classic and Sports Car accessories to also those for the Motorsport enthusiast.

If you are a new customer to us I hope you find items on our website of interest and if you are coming back for more then I hope you find some of our new products also to your liking. Where possible we try and manaufacture as many products as possible in the UK.

New Products are regularly appearing so please keep an eye on our websites for those items that have yet to reach the brochure. All can be bought online or over the phone."

Please call or email us if you are considering any product but are unsure if it is correct for your application. We are happy to refer you to a different company if that will be in your vehicles best interest in the hope that you will come back to us at some point in the future.

Happy Motoring